Monday Devotional

“It’s not that they should be writing political screenplays, but the subject matter should have some kind of relation to the world as it is.” Continue reading


Quotacious: Brendan Gleeson

“Look at the Coen brothers. All their minor characters are as interesting as their protagonists. If the smaller characters are well-written, the whole world of the film becomes enriched. It’s not the size of the thing, but the detail.”

The Coen Bros are up there in the idol category as far as screenwriters go. True Grit and O Brother are movies I could watch over and over and over again and dissect and digest a million times over. They are true lyrical gangstas when it comes to Dialogue and masters in command of their Characters.


…and so it begins.

I’ve decided to own up to the fact that I’m supremely interested in movies and entertainment, and that I actually want to try my hand at writing for <gasp> Hollywood. That’s right… LOOK OUT! I’m coming out of the screenwriting closet! Brace yourselves for total calamity and, please, bare with me on my journey of failures, sloppy trips, and swan dives off the rafters. Hopefully, it’ll be sprinkled with bits of jubilation, cloud-floating, and random explosions of celebratory confetti (cue noisemakers).

I will start out by saying that I am scared shitless. Not gonna lie. And it’s not so much of failure, I know that’s par for course when starting something new but, while I’m usually more banzai about new adventures, this has me wringing my little perfectionist wrists over things like Dialogue and Format. I’m so nervous my dialogue will suck that I don’t even want to try it – bullshit, I know. And then there’s the format. Oy, the format. This isn’t so much about getting proper screenplay format just right, it’s more of me trying to keep things short and sweet while still packing a punch within that proper screenplay format. I think of stories by visualizing scenes and I want to write it as I see it, but I can’t direct the director and I can’t tell the actor how to act… How can I project the vision I see in my head onto a giant movie screen via a well executed script? This is what vexes me.

This will be my journey. Join me, won’t you?!