Monday Devotional

“It’s not that they should be writing political screenplays, but the subject matter should have some kind of relation to the world as it is.” Continue reading


Quotacious: Robert Towne

I’ve been reading about story beats lately and see Chinatown referenced in pretty much every industry blog/site so I felt the need to read up on Robert Towne. Apparently the man knows what he’s doing…

“A movie, I think, is really only four or five moments between two people; the rest of it exists to give those moments their impact and resonance. The script exists for that. Everything does.” – Robert Towne

Here’s an interview re: 35th Anniversary of Chinatown and a picture of Jack Nicholson from the movie. I LOVE this shot of him.


Jack Nicholson in Chinatwon




Quotacious: Robert A. Heinlein

In doing some research about Sci Fi stuff, I came across author Robert Anson Heinlein and this quote, which I thought was completely hilarious:

“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

He was a Navy man, which is an automatic awesome in my book, and served on one of the first aircraft carriers, doubly awesome.

Quotacious: Brendan Gleeson

“Look at the Coen brothers. All their minor characters are as interesting as their protagonists. If the smaller characters are well-written, the whole world of the film becomes enriched. It’s not the size of the thing, but the detail.”

The Coen Bros are up there in the idol category as far as screenwriters go. True Grit and O Brother are movies I could watch over and over and over again and dissect and digest a million times over. They are true lyrical gangstas when it comes to Dialogue and masters in command of their Characters.