How many screenplays will it take?

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script oddsScreenwriting aspirants always ask how many scriptswill it take to sell one? If anyone gives you that answer they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s different for every writer and every journey is unique. Rarely does a screenwriter sell a first script… or a second or a third. Sure it can happen, but it’s like winning the lottery. If you continue to write a better and better screenplay, the early ones will serve their purpose as good training until you start writing at a professional level and move to a different plateau.

When I graduated from film school, my sole focus was the same as my fellow aspiring scribes—to write and sell our original spec screenplays—for truckloads of money.  Anyone could write a spec screenplay and this was the era when Hollywood didn’t hesitate to spend a million bucks just to take a spec script off the…

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