Set Speed to Warp for #SixWeekSpec!


Monday’s the big day.

September 1st.

El Launcho del Scripto de Six Weekso.

No backing out.

Will I crash and burn on full display or will I pull off a brilliant last minute balls out maneuver?

Let’s say one side of my brain is Spock-esque and the other side Kirk-y, would they play nice and work together to get my enterprising ass through this mission? Would I want Spock to take over? The job would get done at all costs. Buuuut it’d likely be devoid of emotion. Would Kirk be kicked to the curb for maverick ideas and approaches? He could… nail… the style… and pinache……. necessary… to… complete… the task.

What would Khaaaaaaaan do?

Why the hell am I bringing Star Trek into this?


Holy shit… this mission is doomed.



In the beginning I said I had three ideas I wanted to narrow down to two and then one and, well, I STILL HAVE THREE FUCKING IDEAS AND I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE. Champagne problem? Hmmmm… do I go with the Cristal, the Clicquot, or the Cook’s? How do I know which has the potential to be Cristal and which to be Cook’s?

OH MY GOD I’m thinking too much. (And now I want some Cava… with a nice spread of Cumberbatch and cheese.)

Right now my prep is swirling in a dysfunctional commode of chaos and I have to decide which ship to save and which to flush.

Ok, now I know I’m done. Jeez.

Next log <wait for it> will be next Saturday.

Wrookie, out!



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