Quotacious: Robert Towne

I’ve been reading about story beats lately and see Chinatown referenced in pretty much every industry blog/site so I felt the need to read up on Robert Towne. Apparently the man knows what he’s doing…

“A movie, I think, is really only four or five moments between two people; the rest of it exists to give those moments their impact and resonance. The script exists for that. Everything does.” – Robert Towne

Here’s an interview re: 35th Anniversary of Chinatown and a picture of Jack Nicholson from the movie. I LOVE this shot of him.


Jack Nicholson in Chinatwon





One thought on “Quotacious: Robert Towne

  1. “Chinatown” has been on my top ten list for as long as I’ve had one. The first time I saw it, the ending (Evelyn Mulwray slumped dead over the blaring horn of a steering wheel) came not only unexpected, but the music, the feeling of it, Roman Polanski’s direction, stayed with me long after the movie ended. Very few films have come close to leaving this powerful an impression on me.

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